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Hello from Chuck!

Every Day Is Room 4 Improvement!

The focus on the importance of drinking water to keep the body hydrated stems from the life experience of company founder Chuck Thomas, whose habit of consuming sugary drinks led to the loss of his eyesight and kidneys to Type 2 Diabetes. Chuck serves as President of Every Day Is Room 4 Improvement and its subsidiary, It’s Just Water. By sharing his story, Chuck educates the public on the importance of drinking water to keep the body hydrated.

My story begins when I went out of town and I had to use the restroom every stop along the way. This is when I realized I had a problem. So I checked myself into the hospital and I found out my sugar levels were over 600 (normal levels should be around 80-120).The hospital kept me for a couple of days to bring my sugars down through the use of an IV. I left the hospital under the care of a new diabetes doctor and now was required to use insulin shots to help my body maintain normal sugar levels.

Insulin shots are not always a good solution. They can be incorrectly used and even cause further damage to your health.  So, with that in mind, I started noticing other symptoms. I thought that insulin shots were the answer and I would continue my life as usual. But this did not happen.  Throughout the years of using insulin shots, I started to notice that my blood pressure was really high and I started to have blurry vision. My habits of consuming sugar did not change, because I did not understand how sugar can get out of control even if my insulin use was stable for my diabetes.

My eyes started to go bad on me and I lost my vision in 2008.  During this time I was also overweight.   I went to the doctor and he told me both my kidneys were failing.   So I ended up going on dialysis and waited a year for a kidney.  I had a kidney transplant August 2012.  After the transplant, I started to take a serious look at myself.  I started working out and watching my diet.   I was at 261 pounds and gradually moved myself down to 185. It was a long journey of 6-7 years, but I was able to lose 80 pounds with a lot of determination.

During this time I ended up getting a divorce.  I got a divorce from all the foods that I love!  Things like pizza, fried chicken, hamburger buns, potato chips, soda and ice cream.  You can still eat these items but you have to limit yourself.  I learned how to control my eating habits. The journey of eating is not a quick fix.

There is more that you have to learn about your body. For example, what I learned about sugar, is that people do not drink enough water. For myself, I drink a 2 liter bottle of lukewarm water every other day. Why lukewarm water? Luke-warm water helps dilute the sugar in your body.

How much water did you drink today?

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